Room hire

We have two rooms available for hire. Details of these follow.

Meeting room...

The meeting room is available for hire at a cost of £10 per hour, or part thereof, between 9 am and 10 pm. The cost is reduced from £10 to £7 for regular sessions.

Use after 10 pm is permitted by special arrangement at a cost of £15 per hour, or part thereof, for those hours after 10 pm.

The room provides fold-up tables and chairs for use in a café-like arrangement (as shown).

Alternatively, it may be used for meetings, having window blinds to ease presentations using a projector.

An induction loop for hearing assistance is provided.

The chairs may be stacked to allow use of the full floor space for dance or exercise groups.

Hire of the room can include the use of the kitchen, which provides food preparation surfaces, ample crockery and cutlery, a HydroBoil, cooker, and industrial dishwasher. Anyone using the kitchen must have an appropriate food hygiene certificate.

The meeting room can be used for lectures, seminars, talks, classes (art, computers, dance, fitness, etc), rehearsals, concerts, uniformed organisations such as cubs or brownies, etc.

The lounge is more suitable for smaller groups.

Please note that the Methodist Church nationally does not allow alcohol to be brought or consumed on their premises.

If you would like to hire one of the rooms, please check availability using the form below.

Room Booking Enquiries